Family home visit

A lot of children at the Made With Hope orphanage only have one parent, some lots of other siblings, some a Grandma or an Uncle/Aunt and a few unfortunate children don’t have any family left at all. It’s very upsetting to hear how some children were lonely or without many people to take care of them before coming to our orphanage (thankfully there is Zuma and all of our amazing supporters who love them greatly). Zuma wants to help us keep those bonds with the families of our children and so we have decided to visit them whilst here in Tanzania.

We started the day by making food parcels to give to the families as the majority of them live in very poor conditions. Zuma explained to us that any gift would be extremely appreciated as the cost of feeding a family is expensive. The families homes were fairly close together but all were so very different. Some of them lived among rural land whereas others were down down tiny streets in confined areas. The most upsetting houses to visit were mud huts with only one dark room and very thin walls. One of the houses just had a floor with no chairs or things to sit on. It’s hard to think how the children lived in such poor conditions before coming to the orphanage.

pictures14The mothers and grandmothers we met were so very thankful for all that Made With Hope has done for them. It has helped them hugely because now they do not have to worry whether their child will be okay, be safe, and get a good education. Like and parent all they want for their child is to live a happy life and to be well and have a future. With their child being in the orphanage they do not have to worry about providing enough food for them, whereas otherwise they would struggle. A few of the relatives were brought to tears because they were so happy! They are so joyful that their child is being looked after. We were blessed many times. The families are full of so much love and we are able to show the children photographs of our visit.


The children spend a few days at home during school holidays visiting family and friends. Made With Hope aim to keep on educating the children outside of school hours in the orphanage. We try to teach them about health care, the importance of doing your homework and enjoying spending time playing like children should! These life skills that we teach them can then have a trickle down effect and be passed on to their family and friends when they return home. They really enjoy spending time with their family and siblings but every single one of the children are eager to return to the orphanage where they can get lots of delicious food and have time to be with others having fun!

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