A Special Thank You to a Special Someone!

Although we have a lot of amazing people who volunteer their precious time to help Made With Hope reach our goal of building an orphanage in Tanzania, I wanted to send out a special message. This is a dedicated post to Barbara Riley, my amazing Mum, who devotes so much of her time, energy and thoughts to Made With Hope and our orphans.

Mum at bake sale
Mum using her bubbly personality to attract customers to our Bake Sale

My Mum gets involved in all aspects of our fundraising, she always helps with our bake sales, market stalls and our Buy A Brick campaign (which was her idea!). She knits all sorts of things to sell to fundraise for our orphanage; from bags made from recycled carrier bags to seasonal Easter Chicks and Christmas puds which are much loved at our market stalls. She also puts in a lot of energy into selling what she makes, taking them around her gym classes, social events and friends and family which helps bring in lots of donations for our orphanage. She’s even dressed up as Mrs Santa Claus at our Christmas Market to sell Reindeer Food!

Mum dressed as Mrs Claus to draw attention to our Christmas Market Stall

She constantly shares ideas on fundraising events or things to make and sell come, if we wrote every idea of hers down, the list would go on forever! She never switches off and is always keeping her eyes open on how to help the children who really need this orphanage.

At every opportunity my Mum promotes Made With Hope; her bubbly, enthusiastic character is something to admire and it is certain that her personality is what has helped bring in a lot of donations as she is known for being so kind-hearted.

It is my Mum’s constant efforts and energy to help build our orphanage that encourages others, including myself, that we will build this orphanage and welcome the orphans to stay – we can’t wait for that day to come!

I want to say a big thank you to my Mum as I really wouldn’t be able to do this without you and I want everybody to know just how much you help Made With Hope and our orphans – it is truly appreciated and never forgotten!

All my love,

Founder of Made With Hope

Mum and me supporting bike
Mum and I cheering on Jonny and Simon who were cycling for Made With Hope



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