Hi! And Welcome

It's simple. We have two missions:

1. To help children living in poverty in Africa by providing them with shelter, education, food and clean water.

2. Put the trust back into charity to make you feel happy about where exactly your donation is going - 100% donations to our projects.

And this is how we’re going to achieve this...

Give the developing world vital resources they need to help them get out of poverty, such as orphanages, schools and clean water supplies.

Keep your donations completely separate from our running costs to guarantee 100% of your donation goes to our projects.

*Coming Soon*
Enable you to track exactly where your donation is through ’My Profile’ plus keeping you updated through email and social media.

Here’s the team of volunteers going to do this:

Eleanor Riley - Founder

"I set up Made With Hope because I wanted to inspire other people to help people children living in poverty - and that we were a charity that you could trust. I think it's possible we can end poverty in our lifetime but only if everybody works together. So let's join forces and start helping by donating to one of our projects today." At the age of 23, Eleanor founded Made With Hope in 2013 in an attempt to help people in poverty in Africa - she couldn't understand why there were still people living without enough food, water and education in the 21st Century. She felt there was a real need for the public to trust charity again and wanted donors to feel comfortable about exactly where their donations were going, which gave birth to the 100% Donation Prophecy. Eleanor manages the day-to-day running of the charity and is constantly looking for ways to grow Made With Hope so that we can help as many people as possible. Where you'll find Eleanor: You will often find her doing yoga in her kitchen whilst her puppy climbs all over her or enjoying cooking some delicious new recipe for her friends to enjoy.

Peter Collinson - Trustee

"We should try to make a difference to the lives of people who do not have the same opportunities or resources as ourselves to give them the best chance they can have in life."

Peter has worked at Barnados for over 25 years, currently as a Business Development Manager. He has an extensive knowledge of working with the community and in the charitable sector. He has a vast amount of knowledge regarding applying for grants. Where you'll find Peter: You'll often find him cheering on his favourite football team with his pal, Bernie.

Dr Donna Sager - Trustee

"I've known Barbara and Eleanor for a long time as lovely kind neighbours. When Barbara brought around her iPad with all the wonderful pictures of the children and the amazing work that has gone on I just knew I wanted to help in whatever way I could." Donna is a Public Health Doctor and is really keen to make sure that our children get a good healthy start in their life. She is helping to oversee projects related to children's health in Tanzania, ensuring we are creating impactful project and monitoring them accordingly. Donna has worked in Africa and still teaches oversees students so hopefully we will be able to build new relationships. Where you’ll find Donna: You will often find her in the gym doing Pilates and Zumba trying to make up for many years of bringing up a family and wondering how times has now caught up on her.  

Sarah McNally - Trustee

“I’m really excited to be part of a small charity with a big impact and look forward to helping to improve the lives of children in Tanzania even more” Sarah is working with Made With Hope to develop their marketing strategy and improve their communications including social media and the website. She’s also going to be supporting with corporate fundraising. She has over 10 years’ experience working in marketing communications for a variety of different non-for-profit organisations. She studied at The University of Manchester and also has a professional qualification from the Chartered Institute of Marketing an MSc in Leadership and Management with Edge Hill University. Where you’ll find Sarah: Exploring the great outdoors with her Jack Russell Flash or sampling the delights of Chorlton’s restaurants and bars after marketing should say 'and an' MSc!

Stephen Donne - Trustee

"I’m proud to be part of a Charity that is making a big difference to the communities it is working within. Together we can change the lives of so many." Stephen is bringing 18 years of Financial Industry and Transformational Change experience to Made with Hope and is building the long term Strategy and supporting the planning and delivery of the key projects throughout Tanzania. Stephen has held numerous roles within the Financial Industry from managing the Operations in some of the top UK Building Societies to leading transformational change, by delivering award winning Business and Technology change. Where you’ll find Stephen: Either on the bike, in the pool or running on the many trail runs around the Yorkshire Dales.

Daisy-May Super - Trustee

"It's really important to me that I work with organisations who promote partnership and empowerment in the developing world. It's really exciting to work with the team at Made With Hope towards a common goal" In 2012 while studying for a law degree Daisy spent the summer in Kenya working in partnership with a secondary school to improve the quality of life and teaching for the students. Deciding she wanted to focus her studies on understanding inequality in the world, she undertook an MA in International Development. She joined Made with Hope to put this knowledge into practice and is helping to design projects to be implemented in Tanzania. In her day-to-day life Daisy is a project coordinator for TimeBank, where she delivers mentoring projects to tackle complex social problems here in the UK. Where you'll find Daisy: At Irish dancing classes, Asian restaurants or in front of a bad American reality TV series while dreaming of my next trip to Africa!

Alex Margolin - Trustee

“Made With Hope does amazing work in one of the poorest areas of the world and not only that, the charity is run on with absolute transparency and integrity. I want to help Made With Hope to grow to help solve even more poverty around the world whilst keeping intact its core values and 100% donation model” Alex is working with Made With Hope to develop their business and fundraising strategy ensuring over the next 5 years the charity is able to grow efficiently to provide even more support to its chosen partners. Alex studied Experimental Psychology at the University of Bristol. After this he spent 6 years working in the corporate world at Allianz as a Senior Property and Liability Underwriter coming through their Graduate Programme. In 2018 Alex left Allianz, to set up and run his own insurance brokerage in London and is qualified as a Chartered Insurance Broker. Where you will find Alex: Climbing in an indoor bouldering centre or planning his next backpacking trip!

Kim - Head of Creative Design (Volunteer)

"I love being a helping hand, especially when it revolves around writing and creative work. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the massive smiles of the faces that you are helping. I feel a valued part of the team at Made With Hope and together we contribute into doing good, making a difference and bringing happiness to those in need."

Kim spreads her creativity across many parts of Made With Hope. She leads our Blog and Newsletter team to ensure we keep on top of letting you know exactly where your donations go. She also creates some fantastic images on Photoshop for us to use on our website and social media. Kim also came out to visit our projects in Tanzania in 2016.

Where you'll find Kimberley: You'll often find her exploring jewellery designs and thinking about her next big adventure!

Ollie Chow - Research and Blogging Volunteer

“I’ve had an interest in international development for a few years now, but my interest really started to grow in April 2017. I am determined to give people the opportunity to free themselves from the poverty cycle and build a better life for themselves, their families and their communities. In December 2017, I attended a SpeakUp challenge event in Manchester, during which Eleanor spoke about her journey and her charity, Made With Hope. I thought that she was doing something very similar to what I had in mind for my own future, so I spoke to her after the event to see how I could get involved. And here I am!” Ollie is one of our star volunteers. He not only committed to raising over £500 during his half marathon, but he is loyal to dedicating time to helping us achieve our projects in any way he can. He is really highly skilled in research and writing and offers his time to help us understand more about the problems children are facing in Tanzania. Where you’ll find Ollie: refereeing a football match, training for another long run or mapping out every place in the world he wants to visit when he goes travelling!

And finally...

We need your help! We can't do it without you! Any donations are massively appreciated and we will ensure you know exactly where your donation is going with photos and videos on social media. Join the Made With Hope team by making a one off or regular donation, start your own fundraising campaign or purchase something from our store. Just click here to find out more!