An interview with David – our trust fundraising specialist

We’re lucky enough to have another wonderful member join the team! David is our newest volunteer and he’s helping us with our trust fundraising. We’re so happy to have him on board to help us raise some funds for our latest projects. But what exactly is trust fundraising? Well, we’ve decided to ask David a few questions about what his job role involves and why he’s chosen to support Made With Hope.


How long have you been volunteering for Made With Hope and what first made you want to volunteer with us?

I’ve been volunteering for Made With Hope since August 2017. I first came across the charity last year whilst at a fundraising training event, and I was amazed at how big an impact this small charity was having in Tanzania. I recently moved back up to Manchester, working as a trusts and grants manager for Mustard Tree, a local charity supporting people who are homeless. I wanted to use some of my skills knowledge and experience developed in my main job to support Made With Hope, an equally good cause. I have chosen to support Made With Hope specifically because I believe in the cause wholeheartedly, all donations go directly to the projects and I want to see the charity grow. I think building the charity’s trust income base could make a huge difference. For me, what makes Made With Hope stand apart is its transparency with regards to funding, which makes my job much easier when it comes to writing applications!


How would you describe your job role?

Having had some experience of trust fundraising for a small international charity before, I believe that in order to complete Made With Hope’s secondary school project it would be hugely beneficial to build up the charity’s trust fundraising income. My job involves collecting information about target trusts, foundations and other funding bodies that I believe would be supportive and sympathetic to the Made With Hope cause. Alongside this constant process (the list never ends!) I support the charity with writing funding applications, many of which require specific technical detail and varying styles of writing. I will also be keeping check of any funding received so that I can build those important relationships with donors which enables them to understand exactly where their funding is going and how it will make a difference. Basically, it involves a lot of research, a lot of Microsoft Excel and a lots of Microsoft Word!


What are your favourite things about volunteering?

I am very excited to be a part of a volunteer-led small charity which makes a big difference. I believe trust fundraising is the next big step for the charity, and it’s incredible to think that soon because of all the hard work of all of the volunteers we will be seeing Nadasoito’s first secondary school. I find it empowering and humbling – it has made me realise people as individuals can do great work, impacting the lives of people less fortunate than ourselves, and be part of something much bigger than ourselves.


Would you recommend volunteering for Made With Hope to your friends and family?

Yes, because it’s a good cause with transparent aims and processes, and you as an individual can see the results of your efforts very easily when volunteering. Eleanor, the founder, is absolutely dedicated to the cause, and grateful to all of Made With Hope’s volunteers, which in turn inspires you to work even harder to get that school built!


Here, at Made With Hope, we have many ways in which you can help! If you’re interesting in volunteering, fundraising ( or simply making a donation then please visit our website and click on our ‘How to help’ section to find out more. Alternatively you can email us at

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