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Trust is vitally important when it comes to charity. It is a key ingredient into creating foundations with people who donate their time and money. Under every circumstance people should have faith and belief that their giving to the good cause and by no means anything other. Therefore, it is very, very unfortunate and saddening to hear that this trust is being abandoned and people are becoming more and more wary as to whether what they donate is actually supporting the charity. In a recent study by Ipsos, it revealed many reasons why there has been a decrease in the number of people trusting charities, such as bad media coverage and stories. Wary of this, at Made With Hope, we conducted our own survey of 100 people resulting in figures revealing on average peoples trust in charities gathered an upsetting 6 out of 10. We ask why is this not a 10 out of 10?

6 out of 10 6 out of 10
Let’s talk about change. Made With Hope believe that although it is important to have a leader with a great skill set to advance the charity, we don’t believe in spending a silly amount of money for salaries. Why? Because this simply makes us feel uncomfortable. There are people out there suffering and that to us is the top priority to change. Your gracious donations are key to this change, we don’t want you to pay us – we want your money to go directly to those who really need it! This is assured by our 100% donation prophecy which guarantees your entire donation goes towards the cause (making you feel 100% comfortable). The entirety of the running costs are fundraised completely separately – therefore you know that your money won’t be touched until the orphanage is ready to be built. We believe that our commitment to our donation prophecy is the way forward and strive towards building the must needed trust. MADE WITH HOPE_Donation_prophecy Your money counts – and you can track this. With regular updates on our website you will be able to see exactly where your donation goes. So, what’s stopping you?

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