The Importance of Small INGOs to International Development

By Ollie Chow (Made With Hope’s wonderful new blogger!)   The big-named organisations tend to dominate the headlines, but what about those that work away from the spotlight?  In 2016, the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) spent £9.8 billion … Continued

Christmas day success!

Wow, what a wonderful Christmas it has been for the children this year. We managed to raise an amazing £133 from our Christmas meal appeal which provided not only the special meal on the day but also one big one … Continued

Secondary school update – Phase 1 complete!

It’s been just under 18 months since we started raising funds to build our Made With Hope secondary school and we have successfully completed Phase 1! That’s a total of £25,000 (wow!) that has been raised through generous donors, wonderful … Continued

Celebrating 3 years in partnership with CHETI!

Here at Made With Hope we are celebrating three marvellous years in partnership with CHETI. CHETI are a local NGO (Non-governmental organisation), based in Tanzania, who we team up with to generate huge success within our projects and future goals. … Continued

My story as Made With Hope’s creative volunteer

I first stumbled upon Made With Hope three years ago whilst at University. I’ve always been interested in voluntary work and have previously spent spare time volunteering at a local charity shop, working on kids craft stalls at fairs and … Continued

Family home visit

A lot of children at the Made With Hope orphanage only have one parent, some lots of other siblings, some a Grandma or an Uncle/Aunt and a few unfortunate children don’t have any family left at all. It’s very upsetting … Continued