Family home visit

A lot of children at the Made With Hope orphanage only have one parent, some lots of other siblings, some a Grandma or an Uncle/Aunt and a few unfortunate children don’t have any family left at all. It’s very upsetting … Continued

Happy Volunteer Week!

  Volunteers’ week (1-12th June) celebrates the huge contribution made my millions of volunteers each year. We treasure our volunteers here at Made With Hope and we appreciate their constant loving support. However, we don’t just wait for volunteers’ week … Continued

World Fair Trade Day

  World Fair Trade Day is another day that focuses on eradicating poverty by working towards equality. A lot of companies, especially huge corporations, try to get more for less out of resources, land and people/workers which can be extremely … Continued

Water project completed!

WE DID IT! We are extremely lucky to have supporters like you! Supporters generosity has enabled Made With Hope to raise £5,500 to buy a tractor for our orphanage.   Thank you!   Why is the tractor so important? The answer is … Continued

World Day of Social Justice

What is World Day of Social Justice? World Day of Social Justice is a day that promotes the efforts being made to challenge huge issues such as poverty and unemployment. And hopefully a better and more equal society will contribute … Continued

Love from Tanzania

This Valentines Day the children at the orphanage wanted to let everybody know how much they love their new life! Generous donations and ongoing support has provided the children with not only a home and a place to learn but … Continued

Eleanor Swaps Birthday Presents For Water!!

Hi! My name’s Eleanor, I’m the Founder of Made With Hope and love you for reading this! The support Made With Hope has got over the past two years to help build an orphanage to transform Tanzanian children’s lives has … Continued

Your kindness is remembered forever!

The Buy A Brick Campaign was a huge success! And here’s the proof! Donors purchased a brick for themselves or for a gift for someone else and their name was painted on the orphanage so that their kindness is remembered … Continued