A Special Thank You to a Special Someone!

Although we have a lot of amazing people who volunteer their precious time to help Made With Hope reach our goal of building an orphanage in Tanzania, I wanted to send out a special message. This is a dedicated post to … Continued

The building of our orphanage has begun!

Since November 2013 you have been supporting us in our mission to build an orphanage in Tanzania. After numerous bake sales, craft stalls, afternoon teas, our Buy A Brick Campaign, generous donations and amazing supporters running 10k and cycling 52 … Continued

Christmas market success!

Throughout the Christmas period Made With Hope were kindly given two stall areas at West Kirby and Macclesfield Treacle Market. An abundance of handmade crafts kindly created by family and friends were on sale such as flower badges, crochet hats, … Continued

Clothing Brand Otter & Goat Support Our Orphanage

We are so lucky that we are supported by an amazing clothing company called Otter and Goat from Manchester. The incredible designs that are printed on the T-Shirts have all been hand drawn by illustrator Jennie Webber who has a strong … Continued

Handmade dresses and shorts for all!

We at Made With Hope friends and family collaborated with an organisation called Dress A Girl who have hundreds of volunteers around the globe to make dresses and shorts out of unwanted pillowcases or fabric. Our mission was to fill … Continued

A little help from some friends!

Recently we’ve had some amazing support from friends and family doing campaigns to raise some funds for our orphanage. It’s so incredible to know that there’s people out there who put themselves through a 10k run (when they don’t usually … Continued

Baking to beat poverty!

Love making a difference? Love cakes? So do we…. That’s why we took our goal and message (along with a mountain of cakes and treats..!) out to the public, for the recent Farmer’s Market hosted by the Horse and Jockey … Continued

We are trustworthy. Fact!

Trust is vitally important when it comes to charity. It is a key ingredient into creating foundations with people who donate their time and money. Under every circumstance people should have faith and belief that their giving to the good … Continued


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