Let Us Learn projects involve building schools in rural Arusha, Tanzania in partnership with the local community



Why Let Us Learn projects exist


Let Us Learn project was launched because in the very rural community of Nadasoito, 11km outside the city of Arusha, Tanzania there are no opportunities for good quality Secondary Education with Vocational Studies for the children living in poverty. There is no public transport in the area, therefore the nearest secondary school is over 8km walk away, and with no real roads, in the rainy season it is near impossible to walk there. The quality of education is very poor and the teachers often don’t attend classes. This means that for the hundreds of children living in this community, there is no real hope to get out of poverty.

What will happen if we do nothing?

If we do not provide Secondary Education and Vocational Studies, it is highly likely the children in this community will gain no further qualifications and continue to live in poverty. Girls will be forced into early marriage and the only jobs available to them will be very unreliable and low paid such as selling coal or vegetables at the market; struggling each day to survive.

What we’re doing about it

Our collaboration with the very rural community of Nadasoito and our partner, CHETI NGO, in Tanzania allowed us to assess what was needed to dramatically improve the lives of children living in poverty in the local area. National government permits were granted in 2016 to build Nadasoito’s first secondary school, which will cater for 45 students in January 2019, reaching a capacity of 250 students by January 2022.

This school will offer:

  • A high quality of secondary education for 250 poor children living in this very rural community.
  • Provide nutritious meals and clean safe drinking water to keep the children healthy.
  • Access to vocational studies such as carpentry, tailoring for children who want to explore a non-academic route. 
  • Workshops to improve the health and development of the students and the local community.

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Our progress so far (from 2016)

We would like to open this secondary school as soon as possible and accept the already long waiting list of children in the area to give them the education they are craving. 

Phase 1 (complete)

We have currently completed Phase 1 of this school by building a science lab, classroom and toilet block.

We just need to paint it which will happen once we’ve completed the whole school.

As always, 100% of donations went to building the school using local labourers and suppliers.



Phase 2 (in progress)

We began fundraising to build Phase 2 of our Secondary School in June 2017.

So far we have just over £10,830 (as of Jan 2018) through community and corporate fundraising i.e. events, one off donations and fundraising campaigns.

We are just beginning to build the foundations for two more classrooms.


If you’d like to get involved in with helping us finish our school for Anna and Aneth (above) please click here.







We Collaborate 

Our partner, CHETI NGO is involved in helping to assess the needs of the local community and to manage the project when we have to be back in the UK. Since their establishment they have had successful collaborations with USA, Canadian, European and Australian organisations to develop projects for poor children.


You have the chance to make a real impact to these children’s futures. We’re determined to not let them down, so if you’d like to join us then you can donate here.