Christmas market success!

Throughout the Christmas period Made With Hope were kindly given two stall areas at West Kirby and Macclesfield Treacle Market. An abundance of handmade crafts kindly created by family and friends were on sale such as flower badges, crochet hats, Christmas cards and even Reindeer noses and Snowman poop which supplied lots of laughs among our customers! (We would like to say a massive thank you to eBay store retrosweets2008 who lovingly donated the chocolate raisins)

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Among all the wonderful gifts were button bracelets (big thanks to Janet) which were very popular with customers who often bought more than just one for family and friends. And not forgetting the huge 120 knitted Christmas puds (thank you to Eleanor’s mum) with chocolate treats inside that even proved popular with requests after the markets had finished! Eleanor (founder of MWH) and friends Danielle, Sophie and Sophie dedicated their Saturday nights in to delicately making the Christmas cards by hand which proved lots of fun whilst Zoe’s Christmas crochet decorations gathered lots of customers at the stall too!

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All in all through the grizzly cold and windy weather (and the gazebo flying around!) Made With Hope’s stalls raised Christmas spirits, spread the good intentions of the charity, and supplied everyone with a great time! It was amazing to hear people’s keen interest in the charity with Macclesfield’s local MP even making a kind donation too! The markets were a successful way to speak to and truly get to know the people that were purchasing the handmade crafts and making donations which simply encouraged and reminded everyone involved in the charity what an amazing job they are doing – what a fabulous accomplishment!

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How much money was raised?

It was a huge delight that during the busy market of Macclesfield our charity stall managed to stand out in the community section which in total raised a massive £385! On top of that our time spent at West Kirby market raised us another £255 totaling £640 and amazingly smashing our Christmas target of £6000!

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