Eleanor Swaps Birthday Presents For Water!!

Hi! My name’s Eleanor, I’m the Founder of Made With Hope and love you for reading this!

Ell birthday
I want to donate my birthday to a better water and food supply for the children at MWH orphanage

The support Made With Hope has got over the past two years to help build an orphanage to transform Tanzanian children’s lives has been amazing. You’ve ALL been amazing! The fundraising has been extremely hard but it is all worth it and so enjoyable to do. One of the best ways of fundraising is the campaigns individual’s do, such as running 10k, cycling 52 miles and running half-marathons. Those who have done these campaigns are truly incredible, it massively helped Made With Hope build our orphanage.

I want to do my own campaign for Made With Hope
Although I work on Made With Hope everyday and run the ‘behind-the-scenes’ stuff and visit the children, I feel guilty I haven’t joined MWH supporters in their 10k runs or cycling races. I really want to get out there and do my own individual campaign to raise funds for Made With Hope. My aim is to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, located just a few hours from the orphanage. However, over the past two years I’ve been in and out of hospital/surgery with hip problems so unfortunately something physical will have to wait a few years until I’m fully recovered. So, I’ve decided to do something less physically challenging and give up my birthday this year! I am going to donate my 26th birthday (3rd December 2015) for a better water and food supply for the children at our orphanage! I’ve seen the need for a better water and food supply whilst I was staying at the orphanage. I came back to England determined to get these awesome children a better water and food supply! They absolutely deserve it!

Why does the orphanage need a better water and food supply?

anet carrying water
Aneth (7 years old) carrying a heavy bucket of water to the orphanage

The availability of water is not reliable in the remote rural area that the orphanage is located. The children and housemothers have to walk between 500m-3km to collect water from the shared water supply in the villages. All of the villages share these taps and there is always a queue of people waiting to collect water. It can take up to 2 hours a day to collect the water and they carry it in one bucket at a time. The solution is to buy a tractor to transport gallons of water to supply the orphanage and 400 students at CHETI school. The children can then use this extra time to play, socialise and study at the orphanage! The tractor can then be used to cultivate crops and grow maize and beans and sustainably feed the children at the orphanage and school at a very low cost. COST OF TRACTOR – £5,500.

How will I do this?
I am going to pledge to raise £2,600 by 3rd December 2015. I usually love my birthday as it’s a time to party and be spoiled! But this year I am not going to ask for any presents off anybody, nor am I going to organise a birthday celebration. Instead I am going to ask anybody who would like to buy me a present for my birthday, or anyone who would like to have celebrated my birthday this year, to donate the money towards improving our orphanage’s water accessibility and help create a sustainable food supply. I realise I do not need anymore materialistic things, and I will be happy to toast my birthday with a cup of tea on my sofa knowing that I’m closer to getting these children their much needed tractor! So please help me celebrate my 26th birthday this year by donating on my campaign by clicking here.

100% of the present you donate will go directly towards buying the tractor. Click here to send me a birthday present now and read more about my campaign!

water tap
The current unreliable water supply shared by lots of people in the local rural village

My birthday wish list

– If you were going to buy me a birthday present, maybe you would have spent £10 or £20 or you would’ve been really kind and spent £100 haha!
– If you were going to come and celebrate my birthday with me, maybe you would’ve spent £20 or £30 on a meal, drinks and transport?
– Or if you don’t normally buy me a present or celebrate my birthday, then why not be different this year and spend a few pounds on me?

Instead of spending your money on generously spoiling me and toasting my birthday, I would love it if you would transfer your kindness towards helping to get a better water and food supply for the awesome children at our orphanage in Tanzania instead. Click here to donate/send me a present!

A big thank you in advance! Please make this birthday extra special, not just for me, but for these incredibly children in Tanzania too!

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