It’s so important that we all eat a balanced diet. Unfortunately malnutrition is a massive problem in the rural villages that we work in. We wanted to ensure the children in our orphanage got all of the nutrients they needed to help them grow into healthy adults. We currently purchase rice, beans, vegetables and some meat from local markets for the orphanage. However we want to work towards creating a sustainable food source for the orphanage so we decided to start a food programme.

Start With Eggs…

This food programme started with a generous donation from The Thacker’s Family. This meant we were able to buy a hen for each child at the orphanage. This means the children will now be able to eat eggs each week to gain much needed protein to help them grow. The children were so happy with their new hens, they helped to bring them into their new home and were smiling and laughing so much. They enjoy looking after them and also enjoy eating their eggs, especially because they’d never had a boiled egg before!





Next on the agenda is to buy some land and cultivate it with our tractor to grow food ourselves for the orphanage and to sell to raise money for the children. If you’d like to help support these future projects then please donate here.