Happy Volunteer Week!



Volunteers’ week (1-12th June) celebrates the huge contribution made my millions of volunteers each year. We treasure our volunteers here at Made With Hope and we appreciate their constant loving support. However, we don’t just wait for volunteers’ week to let them know what a great job they are doing, we remind them all of the time! We wouldn’t be able to do all of this goodness without our amazing team of volunteers and all of the wonderful things they do. Together we are making a huge difference, THANK YOU! Let’s celebrate!


Many of our newest members of Made With Hope focus on spreading the news about our latest missions and keeping everybody updated through the use of social media. As a small charity, social media is incredibly important to us to gain a wider following and raise money for our fantastic projects. It is also a great was to keep in touch with our amazing supporters!


Here are just a couple from our wonderful social media team at Made With Hope:


Sophia – Social Media volunteer



“I’ve been volunteering for Made With Hope since the start of this year and it’s been amazing! It feels great knowing that I can do something so enjoyable and rewarding to help gain donations for the children in Tanzania”



You can find and follow Sophia’s inspiration social media posts on our Facebook page by clicking here or going to www.facebook.com/MadeWithHope/


Leah – Volunteer Blogger



“Made With Hope is a fantastic charity to volunteer for. They always appreciate our work which makes it feel even more worthwhile, on top of the amazing knowledge that our work is helping to fight against poverty in Africa!”



Want to read more about Made With Hope and how you can help? Keep up to date with Leah’s influential blog posts here or by visiting leahmadewithhope.wordpress.com



We really do love our volunteers and we can’t thank you all enough! If you would also like to volunteer your spare time to Made With Hope and would like some more information on how you can do this then please click here

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