Hurdsfield Primary School raise money for safe water!

One of the reasons we started Made With Hope was the inspire others that we could all help end poverty. Everybody just needed to do their little bit . That could mean fundraising, volunteering, or simply spreading the word for free!

We were lucky enough that a class of 8 year olds felt inspired to spend time learning about poverty in Africa and organise a sponsored event to fundraise for Made With Hope’s Water Is Life project.

The children of Y3-4 at Hurdsfield Primary School in Macclesfield, Cheshire, did a sponsored walk carrying a 2 litre bottle of water to represent the struggles some children have collecting and carrying water each day in Africa. Their amazing efforts raised £150 to buy a water filter to provide clean safe drinking water for children in the rural village of Nadasoito, Tanzania, Africa.


Lorraine, their class teacher, is passionate about encouraging her class to learn more about those living in poverty and the issues they face. She i an inspiring teacher who turns her curriculum into a way of getting her class to help others. Lorraine’s lesson for ‘Persuasive Writing’ for English was based around making posters about the problem of water in Africa. Her pupils not only learnt all about persuasive writing, but they learnt about helping others and about how some people live in other parts of the world.


To celebrate the success of what Y3/4 did st Hurdsfield Primary School we did a talk about Made With Hope in their classroom to show them more about us and the children we help. Plus, we showed pictures of what they had helped achieved and presented them with a certificate. The children were so excited and happily engaged in our talk – we were so pleased and thoroughly enjoyed our time at their school.


The children and their teacher are now planning, thinking, and coming up with ideas on how they can help our secondary school project!

It just goes to show how a little bit of inspiration and passion from their teacher has meant that the children have come away with so many skills and not just about how to write a persuasive poster.


If you think you’d like to get your class involved in some fundraising and organise us to come into your school to do a talk or activity, please do get in contact! You can send us an email at:



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