Why inspire UK School Children?

We absolutely love getting children involved in our projects in Tanzania and want to help children realise how other people live in the world. We really want to inspire the next generation to care about children who live in extreme poverty. Our founder, Eleanor (right), was 23 years old when she started Made With Hope and knows the impact young people can make on the world. We love the excitement and enthusiasm children have in helping others and we want to help give them more opportunities to do this. We really believe in remaining positive about tackling poverty and avoid using depressing guilt tripping techniques to attract supporters.

How it works

  • We communicate with schools that are interested in getting their pupils inspired about making the world a better place. We work with them to establish a collaboration that’s suitable for us both.
  • We don’t just ask you for a donation. If you’d like, we can visit your school to talk to your pupils about what we do. Or we can collaborate on an activity that fits in with your curriculum to help bring topics to life.
  • 100% of any donations or fundraising you do will all go to our projects (currently our secondary school).
  • We follow up with real photos and certificates, so your pupils know exactly where their generous support is going.


A few ideas for a collaboration…

  • We could get involved in your Geography or Social Studies class and tell the children more about Tanzania and what life is like for children there. You could then follow up with a fundraising activity like a sponsored walk, bake sale or art competition to allow the children to really make a difference.
  • You could improve your pupils writing skills by getting them to design a poster to promote washing your hands to prevent germs spreading. We could then follow up with a talk in your school about how children in Tanzania are impacted by lack of sanitation and what we’re doing about it.
  • We could be involved in an architecture themed lesson and talk about how the houses and roads are different in Tanzania to UK.
  • We’d love to hear any suggestions you have so please don’t be afraid to ask.

Our Partnerships To Date (2017)

North West

Hurdsfield Primary School, Cheshire

Hurdsfield Primary School used the writing element of their curriculum to raise funds for a water filter for 30 children in Tanzania, Africa. Their teacher taught her pupils about making persuasive posters for clean water in Africa. They then organised a sponsored walk around their field carrying heavy bottles of water, to symbolise the struggles some children face each day. We then visited their school and talked to them about the importance of clean water, gave a certificate for their hard work and followed up with real photos from the children they helped.

Sale Grammar School, Greater Manchester

We are at the beginning of our partnership with Sale Grammar School. We’ve had a few meetings about how we are going to collaborate in 2017/18. Many of the teachers are excited for us to get involved. Current plans are our involvement in the International Development curriculum in Geography, their charity fundraising projects and assembly talks about Made With Hope and how we’re tackling poverty in Africa.


North East

We are keen to inspire the children of the North East to get involved in our exciting opportunities to help children in Tanzania, Africa. If you’d like your school or community centre to get involved then please contact us using the information below.


The South

Bancrofts School, London

Bancroft School did an amazing job at fundraising £1600 for our Secondary School in Tanzania. They did this by choosing Made With Hope for their own clothes day charity. What an amazing contribution to our school! We can’t wait to show them the photographs when our school is built.


The Midlands

We would love to inspire the children in schools in The Midlands to join us in the fight against poverty. If your school or community centre would like to get involved in our exciting opportunities to help children in Tanzania, Africa then please contact us using the information below.


Please get in touch if you’d like to create a partnership where we can help inspire your school children to make the world a better place. Please get in touch using the details below.


We’d love to work with the school children in Scotland to help children living in poverty in Tanzania, Africa. Please get in touch below.

Email: contact@madewithhope.org Tel: 07590840496

We can’t wait to meet the children in your schools to fight poverty together!