Jonny took on a massive challenge for Made With Hope orphans!

Jonny signed up for his first ever fundraising event, his first ever go at cycling such a long distance (52 miles) and his first ever attempt at raising £1,000 for charity in June 2015! A big challenge you might think?! Although Jonny was up for the challenge, he didn’t think through the timing of this event because he was so busy with his work that he didn’t get to train half as much as he’d hoped!

He spent the month before The Great Manchester Cycle Race pestering friends, families and business contacts to support him in helping Made With Hope reach their £20k milestone to build our orphanage! Jonny declared that he would match any donations given, which again he may not have thought through because his kind friends and family ended up donating a staggering £1,645!! So in total that’s £3,290!! This helped Made With Hope smash our target of £20,000 and will help us to continue to run the orphanage for a few months!

You will be glad to know that Jonny did amazing during the cycle race. He cycled 52 miles in just over 3 hours – despite his legs feeling like the were falling off in the last 10 miles! We were there to support him as he crossed the finish line and congratulate him on his superb achievement for some superb children in Tanzania!

Jonny bike race

The orphanage is due to be finished by September/October 2015, so we now have to continue to fundraise to keep the orphanage running once it is built. It costs just £400 a month to shelter 24 orphans plus feeding, clothing and educating them alongside paying two members of staff to live in and look after the children. So we really need your support to enable us to keep the orphanage open forever and transform these amazing children’s lives!


Fundraising like Jonny did helped spread the awareness of the need for Made With Hope’s orphanage. He was able to reach out to people he knew and ask for a little bit of help. It is such a great way to fundraise and we would love for you to join our fundraising team too – why not challenge yourself to a 10k run or even a marathon and help raise anything from £10-£1,000! Any fundraising is so amazing and so appreciated here at Made With Hope. Sign up now by clicking here and 100% of anything you raise will go towards changing the lives of some incredibly grateful children! Thank you in advance!!



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