Love from Tanzania


This Valentines Day the children at the orphanage wanted to let everybody know how much they love their new life!

Generous donations and ongoing support has provided the children with not only a home and a place to learn but also security in knowing that people really do care.

Here are a couple of things the children have told us that they love about their new lives:

  • They love having their own bed to snuggle up in with their new teddy
  • They love that their days are filled with learning new things in school
  • They love having curtains for the windows in their rooms
  • They love that they are guaranteed to be fed at least three times a day
  • They love looking after their hens that provide eggs for them

Happiness and smiles are plentiful!
The children love to look at the Made With Hope Supporters wall, within the orphanage, which has a supporters names written on every brick. They even try to read the names out loud to each other! This is just another little reminder of how much you mean to them and how you have all contributed to their new life and happiness.

A huge thank you from all the children at the orphanage and from Made With Hope for your continuous generosity.

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