CHETI in a Not-for-profit organisation based in Arusha, Tanzania. Zuma, the Director, has been involved in the education sector for many years. In 1997 he built a wall in the middle of his small mud hut house to separate it into two rooms – one for his family to live in and one for a classroom. This was his first school and since then he has built 5 schools made from solid bricks and timber. He is extremely well respected in the local villages because of his determination to education the poor. He knows exactly what is needed for his community because he is so involved with helping as many people as he can. We have worked with CHETI to build an orphanage for 24 of his students, which was a real success. This partnership is a contributing factor to why are projects are so successful. Zuma dedicates time, energy into making the projects work and look after them when we are back in England. We are extremely lucky to have this partnership and can’t wait to build the school together this year!


Mom2Mom Africa

Mom2Mom Africa is a Canadian based Not-for-profit who has successfully built a Primary school, well and hen house – partnering with CHETI too. We have shared knowledge and personal experiences from our projects in Arusha, Tanzania to create the projects as best we can. We are really excited to work together to build a Secondary school by the end of 2016 – collaboration at it’s best!


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Let’s Collaborate!

We really believe that working together is what’s going to help end poverty. If you’re interested in collaborating with Made With Hope’s projects then please let us know by contacting us on


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