CHETI in a Not-for-profit organisation based in Arusha, Tanzania. Zuma, the Director, has been involved in the education sector for many years. In 1997 he built a wall in the middle of his small mud hut house to separate it into two rooms – one for his family to live in and one for a classroom with 3 desks in. This was his first school and since then he has built 5 schools made from solid bricks and timber and educated thousands of students. CHETI is extremely well respected in the local villages because of their determination to educate the poor. CHETI know exactly what is needed for his community because they are so involved with helping as many people as he can and actually listening to their needs. We have worked with CHETI since 2013 building a girls boarding house for 24 vulnerable girls, building 14 toilets for students, implemented a hand washing programme with facilities for 500 children and recently built a large Secondary School to educate 250 children. This partnership is a major contributing factor to why our projects are so successful. CHETI are thankful for the collaboration from Made With Hope and those who support the projects. They not only work hard to manage and implement our projects, but they insist on making at least a 10% financial contributions to show their dedication and avoid a total reliance on international funds. We are extremely lucky to have this partnership and can’t wait to build the school together this year! You can read more about CHETI below.


Who is CHETI?

CHETI is a registered NGO in Arusha, Tanzania. They are a charity that exists to improve the lives of children and families living in poverty in rural Arusha, Tanzania through education CHETI stands for: Children, Health, Education, Team, Inspiration.

How did CHETI start?

CHETI started in 1997 when the Director, Zuma, turned his small mud hut house that he built with his father-in-law, into his first school. He did this by putting a wall down the middle of his 8x4m house to make two small rooms. One room was for him and his new wife to live and sleep in, and the other room he put 6 desks in and welcomed poor children from his village to attend classes.




Why did the Director, Zuma, begin CHETI?

My name is Zuma Ephrem Mtui, I was born on 9th of April in 1971 in the family of 5 children at Marangu, Mbahe near Kilimanjaro mountain (Tanzania). My parents separated in 1974. I was three years by that time. My aunt took me and looked after me for about 4 years, then my grandmother the mother of my father took me under her care , my grandfather had passed away. I lived very hard life in the absence of both parents. I missed enough love, food and total care, nobody cared about my formal education. Most of my life time under 11 year was spent in carrying grass for cattle, fire wood from Kilimanjaro Tanzania famous mountain forest. I fortunately knew that my parents were alive but did not know  how to get them, my mother went very far after the separation, she went to Arusha and did not go back to see me for 8 years, hence I did not know my real mother for 11 years. It was not easy for me to remember my mom for I was three years old by the time of separation. My father went away for 18 years after the separation, I first saw him for the first time when I was 21 years old. It was very hard to me to accept them as my real parents for it was such long separation time. I said no to my mom, my grandmother got difficult work in convincing me to accept my mom. It was the same when I met my father for the first time. I went 4 years back in education for I did not know how to read and write by the time I was 11 years. I passed my grade 7 exams and was chosen to join Government secondary school, I was among three students who passed the grade 7 exams out of more than 100 students at my school. The whole village people were amazed to see the poor mother’s child passing exams. My mother got good time from villagers congratulation. I joined Government secondary school for four years and passed the National exams, was chosen to join advanced level in 1992 to 1995. I did the advanced exams, passed the exams and was chosen to join with university in Dar-es-salaam, I could not join with the university for I had no money for fees and my care at university. Failing to join with university drove me to be an auctioneer. I got my auctioneer license in 1995 on June, started  doing auctioneer work and tutoring classes for form one to form four classes. The work was very hard but rewarding. I was inspired to begin nursery classes. The first nursery class had 3 children, it had 23 children at the end of year  1997. The first nursery school under Zuma had Zulu name from 1997 to 2008 for Zuma is the famous name  at Zulu area in south Africa. I am Chagga from Tanzania, my parents gave me a bad name which meant surpassing problems . My worst name was Mashida, my grandmother changed my name and called me JITEGEMEE which meant a person who does not ask for help. Despite of those names I read a book known as mine boy  from south Africa author, liked Zuma character in the story text book and decided to be baptized as Zuma for I said Zuma meant a person who never give up in life. In 2008 I found out that the poor families could not afford to bring their children to Zulu Nursery school, he started sponsoring poor families children at his school. Since it was hard to sponsor many children alone he thought of having an NGO which he finally called it CHETI which meant Children Health, Education Team Inspiration in 2008. CHETI NGO  gave Zuma a chance of getting volunteers from TVE Tanzania volunteering NGO under IVHQ in 2009, the first volunteers were Elizabeth and Ryan. Many volunteers kept on coming to Zulu school which was later on changed  the name to CHETI NURSERY SCHOOL in 2010. Volunteers at Cheti nursery school supported CHETI SPONSORSHIP program which encouraged Zuma to start CHETI PRIMARY SCHOOL and then CHETI SECONDARY SCHOOL. There are now four CHETI nursery schools, one PRIMARY SCHOOL and the next year 2019 CHETI SECONDARY SCHOOL. I am a hard working man, kind man, a man of many dreams towards my community success. I am a committed man towards community poor families poverty eradication through quality education. I love children. I likes seeing sad children smiling due to my effort. I care and love children. I am taking care of 50 orphans at IAN MCKKEEVER and GLOBAL EMPATHY NOW orphanage and at MADE WITH HOPE ORPHANAGE. I do thank all the people who work with me. Great work has been done due to a number of good, kind people like Alison Fraser, Eleanor Hope Riley, Britni Tozzi, Jessica Shipman, Judy MCKEEVER, MIKE O’SHEA, ANNA MCKEEVER, BARBARA RILEY, JONNY, CHETI SCHOOL CHILDREN SPONSORS and and the rest unmentioned list of good people.” Zuma Ephrem, Director of CHETI NGO, 2018.” written by Zuma, Mtui, 2018.

How does CHETI operate?

CHETI is an NGO that is legally bound to publishing annual reports and accounts to the Tanzanian government. CHETI is run by the director Zuma Mtui. He also has support from his wife, local community leaders and politicians.

Who supports CHETI?

Apart from Made With Hope, CHETI has support from other local and international supporters:


CHETI have had local support from governmental bodies because they are known for providing high quality education to children in Arusha. In 2017 they were in the top 5% in the national exams. They are always in communication with their local government.


International organisations:

Mom2Mom Africa: a Canadian non-profit, has supported CHETI since 2013 through the building of a primary school, a large sponsorship programme of over 120 CHETI school children and supporting the building of CHETI Secondary School

Testimonial from Alison Fraser at Mom2Mom Africa:

“Working with Zuma and CHETI has been a very rewarding experience. There is often apprehension working with organizations internationally, given the distance and inability to monitor progress on a daily basis. But Zuma’s constant communication, high degree of transparency and willingness to meet the needs of Mom2Mom Africa is unparalleled. I feel so lucky to be able to work with someone who is so passionate, kind and self-less. His hard work and dedication to his students is evidenced by the academic successes of his students and the growth of his NGO. I am happy to support Zuma as CHETI grows and continues to impact the lives of so many young students in Tanzania”


Global Empathy Now: a 501(c) registered charity in USA, has supported CHETI since 2013 through the building of an orphanage for CHETI students and supporting the building of CHETI Secondary School.

Testimonial from Britni at Global Empathy Now

“coming soon”

How did we first meet with CHETI?

Eleanor first met CHETI on her quest to find a local Tanzanian NGO to partner with to begin Made With Hope’s first international project. She did this when visiting Arusha, Tanzanian in late 2013 through a volunteer programme with IVHQ. Eleanor networked through volunteers she met to find organisations that were dedicated to helping their local communities. She visited a few organisations to see what they were doing. Eleanor was invited to attend the opening of CHETI’s first orphanage in October 2013 by a friend she was living in her homestay with. This was when she first witnessed the collaboration of an international charity (from Ireland) and CHETI to create a project together. She was inspired by this collaboration which empowered CHETI and began to explore a collaboration between CHETI and Made With Hope. Eleanor did this through a series of informal interviews, visiting all of CHETI’s projects and asking other volunteers and organisations who had supported CHETI. Eleanor only ever heard good things about CHETI and her gut feeling was telling her that this could be a great partnership.


Why does Made With Hope support CHETI?

MWH support CHETI because we have seen first hand the dedication they have to improve the lives of thousands of children living in poverty in their local Tanzania villages. We have met hundreds of children and adults who have been positively impacted by CHETI’s projects. CHETI are known for providing high quality education and they do this through excellent management and support for teachers (including always paying them on time which is rare in Tanzania). Whenever we visit Arusha, and we are visiting CHETI projects or just walking on the street with the director, Zuma, we see people stopping Zuma to shake his hand and have a chat. He often introduces us to them saying “this was one of my students years ago”. CHETI are also incredibly focused on being transparent and trustworthy. They understand that international donors need to see where their money is being spent and they provide us with a receipt for every purchase they make with our funds, to prove that it is all being spent correctly. They are overly cautious and always wanting to improve as an organisation. We try to provide resources and training to CHETI e.g. how to invoice properly, monitoring and evaluation, project design. They love to learn which is something that assures us that this is a great partnership that is growing and getting better as time goes on.


How does the partnership work?

MWH is responsible for:

  • Making grants to CHETI upon receipt of a brief project proposal and an invoice for monies to be sent to their bank.
  • Fundraising to support CHETI
  • Empowering CHETI through capacity building and helping with project management and monitoring and evaluation.


CHETI is responsible for running the day-to-day tasks on the ground including:

  • Managing building projects i.e. paying labourers, sourcing materials, abiding to building policy
  • Communicating with the government and keeping up to date with relevant policies
  • Reporting to MWH regularly on the status of projects
  • Running the projects and managing any staff involved


How do we communicate with CHETI

MWH communicate with CHETI through Whatsapp, email and Skype on a daily/weekly basis.

Why does CHETI work with Made With Hope?

“I started CHETI NGO in order to reach and help more poor people in Tanzania in eradicating poverty through education. I work with MADE WITH HOPE for CHETI NGO and MADE WITH HOPE NGO do have many similar objectives, our cooperation makes the NGOS stronger for  we support each other in finding happiness to poor families .

CHETI NGO has grown so much for it is not working alone, there are NGOS like MADE WITH HOPE, GLOBAL EMPATHY NOW and MOM 2 MOM AFRICA which work  kindly with it, find and give funds to CHETI NGO, not only that but transparency between CHETI NGO and other NGOS like Made With Hope from U.K , Mom 2 Mom Africa from Canada and GLOBAL EMPATHY NOW from U.S.A, T.V.E  volunteers or IVHQ volunteers have contributed to CHETI NGO growth too. I opened CHETI NGO due to the fact I saw the need of education to poor families children at Arusha- Tanzania which needed joined effort.” Zuma, CHETI NGO Director