We want a world where no child lives in poverty. We believe in empowering children and local people in very rural villages in Tanzania, Africa.

We do this by working closely with passionate locally-run organisations (in Tanzania) to determine what exactly their communities need. We believe that collaborating with local Tanzanian people creates successful and sustainable projects for children living in poverty.

Our achievements to date, thanks to our team of volunteers and long list of donors


Homes For Hope

Orphans are likely to be much poorer, less healthy, less likely to go to school and suffer from more illnesses.

24 orphans in the local village of Nadasoito, Tanzania lived in extreme poverty. They would often not be fed, they had no access to clean safe drinking water and their education was nearly non-existent. These children needed a second chance. So, we worked closely with our Tanzanian partner to build these children a home with access to water, health care, education and three meals a day. They are looked after by loving house-mothers and are all like brothers and sisters.

Water Is Life

Lack of clean water can cause serious fatal illness

The availability of water is not reliable in the remote rural areas of Africa that we work in. The water source was a small tap for the surrounding villages that only provides water two to three times a week and is very poor condition, heavily embedded in mud. When there actually is water, the tap is crowded with people and children waiting hours to collect water in buckets to carry miles back to their home. We have purchased a tractor that is able to transport 4000 litres of water to over 400 children who need it.


Did you know more people have a mobile phone than a toilet?

Sanitation is a huge problem in the poor rural villages that we work in. Lack of basic sanitation causes diseases such as diarrhoea and dysentry which can be fatal, especially in children who aren’t strong enough to fight them. We built a sustainable and private toilet/shower block for up 30 children to use. This safe, private area also offers an environment for girls to use when they reach puberty.


What we’re working on right now

Only 30% of Tanzanian children go to Secondary School

A secondary school is critically needed in the local rural villages we work in for the students to break the cycle of poverty they are trapped in. This school will not only provides the up to 500 students with an amazing education, it can also protect the girls from forced marriages, early pregnancy, and a life of hardship.

We have currently completed Phase 1 (£25,000) of this school thanks to our generous supporters. We are now fundraising to build Phase 2 of our Secondary School. If you’d like to get involved please click on ‘Get Involved’ at the top of our website.


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