Our world has goals, and we’re doing something about them


There are a total of 17 sustainable development goals that countries have adopted to change the world we live in. The aim is to beat these goals by 2030 and we’re most definitely doing our bit to help them. We’re extremely pleased that we reached 8 of these goals through everything we have achieved so far! We’re taking action to build a better future for the world we live in.


No poverty

We want to put an end to poverty! Our mission is to help children living in poverty in Africa by providing them with shelter, education, food and clean water.


Zero hunger

We make sure the children at the orphanage don’t go hungry. We currently purchase rice, beans and vegetables from the local market and have hens to provide nutritious eggs! We’re also working towards creating a sustainable food source for the orphanage.


Good health and well-being

Our tippy taps keep hands clean and germ free! Access to clean water and soap is essential in helping to prevent diseases from spreading.


Quality education

All of the children at our Made With Hope orphanage attend primary school and we’re in the process of building our own secondary school! The secondary school will provide high quality education to 300 poor children living in the rural community of Nadasoito in Africa. Good quality education supplies hope for a better future!

Gender equality

We treat all of our children as an equal. Through keeping everyone in education it means both boys and girls will have the same opportunity to find a well-paid job in the future.


Clean water and sanitation

Through generous donations we have a wonderful water filter for clean water everyday. The water filter eradicates 99.99% of bad minerals to produce safe water for drinking, cooking, cleaning, bathing and washing clothes. We have also built a sustainable and safe toilet block alongside the orphanage to avoid poor sanitation which can cause diseases especially amongst young children.

Affordable and clean energy

Let’s save the planet! We’re working towards using sustainable energy to power our orphanage and we envision a future where solar panels will light up classrooms.


Partnerships for the goals

We’re in an amazing partnership with CHETI who are a team of passionate individuals striving for change through helping charities like us. Our partnership means we achieve great success with our projects and ideas for the future!




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