A Bookshelf For A Classroom


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Product Description

The students need somewhere to place there books! A wooden bookshelf will be so useful for the children to use to store their schoolwork and text books to keep the classroom tidy. The bookshelf will be made by a local carpenter who did an excellent job at making the beds for our orphanage.

What you’ll get in return: Your name* will be engraved on a plaque that goes onto the bookshelf and you will receive a picture of the children using it. Your name will also be painted onto our ‘Wall of Generosity’ so you kindness is remembered forever.

*The name on the bookshelf and wall will be the name provided during checkout. If this name is different i.e. a gift, then please let us know after purchase by emailing contact@madewithhope.org

100% of your donation will go towards buying a bookshelf and also to help build the school.