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Our current project is
building an orphanage in Tanzania, Africa.

Made With Hope Projects

We currently have 6 projects running at the moment. We have completed Project 1 and 2 are now looking for support for fundraising for Project 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Project 1: Made With Hope Orphanage *complete*

Project 2: Orphanage Food Programme *complete*

Project 3: Sponsor A Child *20 out of 21 children sponsored*

Project 4: Toilet/Shower Block *nearly complete*

Project 5: Water *half complete*

Project 6: Secondary School *planning phase*



Project 1: Made With Hope Orphanage – Complete

With your amazing help we raised £20,000 to build an orphanage for 24 children in Tanzania, Africa! This includes building the orphanage using strong sustainable materials by a qualified contractor and labourers plus everything inside the orphanage; from bunk beds to storage units to desks for the children to study. 100% of your donations are going directly to this project – no admin costs will be taken.

Total raised so far: £20,000

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We collaborated with CHETI School who have built five amazing schools. They kindly donated us a piece of land for us to build an orphanage on to help some of the local children living in extreme poverty in this very rural area.

The Reason You Helped Us To Build An Orphanage

There are 3 million orphans in Tanzania alone. Being an orphan not only means going through the trauma of losing one or both of your parents to diseases such as HIV/AIDS. They are likely to be much poorer, less healthy, less likely to go to school and therefore likely to spend their entire lives in extreme poverty. Our number one aim is to fight poverty by helping children living in very poor areas who often lack the basic necessities that every child deserves. Although Tanzania is showing gradual development, poverty is still a huge issue with 68% of the population living on under 85p a day. Much of the development that is taking place is concentrated in urban areas, leaving rural communities behind. Our orphanage is situated in Nadasoito, which is an extremely undeveloped area of Tanzania where self sustainability is key but almost impossible due to the lack of resources to rural areas. This is why our work here is essential. Our orphanage is providing 24 children with shelter, care and regular nutritious meals, all of which is vital for any child’s development. The children will also be enrolled at an excellent local school giving them a chance at a brighter future. With the average male literacy rate currently at 75% and female at 60% within Tanzania, the access they will gain to education through our orphanage will ensure that they achieve excellent academic skills and qualifications which will enable them to get a good job, removing them from the poverty cycle.

Why are these children in the orphanage?

The children in the orphanage are there because their home life is not a suitable environment for a child to develop in. The child may have one parent, or no parents at all. Some parents have died either from HIV/AIDS or from other causes such as accidental death or other illnesses. The orphanage is there to give the child shelter, food, care and education right up until they are ready to leave (probably around 16 years old). At home, some of these children would hardly get one meal a day, whilst having to work and take care of younger siblings, leading to malnutrition and stunted development. Putting the child in the orphanage, allows them to escape this way of life and enjoy a fulfilled childhood.

Thank you for helping us!

The children are so happy that you’ve built them a new home. Your kindness will be remembered forever!

Kids wall

What’s amazing is the children that live in the orphanage attend CHETI school, which is located next door. CHETI schools are very strong in teaching and learning. CHETI Schools are ranked 3rd (out of 19 schools) for primary/elementary education. Living right next to the school, being fed and drinking clean water will mean their attendance will be extremely high, which will give them an amazing start in life and they will gain knowledge and develop skills so they can try to get out of the poverty line.

Project 2: Orphanage Food Programme

With the help of fantastic ongoing support from The Thacker’s Family we were able to buy a hen for each child at the orphanage. This means the children will now be able to eggs each week to gain much needed protein to help them grow. The children were so happy with their new hens, they helped to bring them into their new home and were smiling and laughing so much. They enjoy looking after them and also enjoy eating their eggs.

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Project 3: Sponsor A Child – “a life-changing experience!”

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These children still need your help! We need you to help Sponsor A Child so they can get enough food to eat, clean drinking water and an amazing education. Sponsoring a child will have immediate, long termbenefits plus it will help the local community too. We have nearly half of the children sponsored, so if you’d like to Sponsor A Child then please email us at contact@madewithhope.org and we can give you lots more information.

We have two options for sponsoring a child:
– We have 5 children that need their education and orphanage costs sponsored which helps with their school fees/uniform and food/water/health care/shelter/general care/clothes – £20 a month (Yay – all of these children are now sponsored!!)
– We have 16 children that need just their orphanage costs sponsored (because their school fees are already being paid for) which is their food/water/health care/shelter/general care/clothes – £14 a month (We currently have 15 out of 16 of these children sponsored)

As a Sponsor we want you to understand how much help your support is impacting your sponsored child, so we will work hard to keep you regularly updated on their development and wellbeing as well as personal touches to help you get to know them.

We will do this by sending you quarterly personal updates that will include drawings, written work by the child, photos, videos and overall information on your sponsored child’s development and how happy you are making them! You will have the option of writing letters to your child and receiving a reply. Plus you will have the option to send them a personalised parcel full of things just for them. You are also able to visit your sponsored child in their orphanage if you wish!




Project 4: Toilet/Shower Block

We decided we needed to build a toilet/shower block for the children and house mothers to use at the orphanage. Lack of sanitation can cause deadly diseases in developing countries. The WHO reported that 3.6% of disease come from lack of sanitation, water and hygiene. So, it is a really important issue to be improving. Our toilet block will contain 5 toilet rooms and 3 shower rooms. Each room has a proper drainage system that is carefully maintained. We decided to keep each room separate, so that as the children get older than can have some privacy whilst using the toilet and washing.

Washroom website update


Project 5: Water

The availability of water is not reliable in the remote rural area that the orphanage is located. The children and housemothers have to walk between 500m-3km to collect water from the shared water supply in the villages. All of the villages share these taps and there is always a queue of people waiting to collect water. It can take up to 2 hours a day to collect the water and they carry it in one bucket at a time. The solution is to buy a tractor to transport gallons of water to supply the orphanage and 400 students at CHETI school. The children can then use this extra time to play, socialise and study at the orphanage! The tractor can then be used to cultivate crops and grow maize and beans and sustainably feed the children at the orphanage and school at a very low cost. 

If you’d like to be part of this amazing journey to raise £5.500 for a tractor then click on the link here to donate and share our project http://www.totalgiving.co.uk/appeal/waterfororphansintanzania

water tap12067276_10156132510990597_1425085273_n

Project 4: Secondary School

We are collaborating with CHETI and Mom2Mom Africa to build a Secondary School next to the Primary School and orphanage. When the children have graduated from Primary School (usually around 14 years old) they go to a government Secondary School which offer much lower quality education than CHETI which is a private English speaking school. Building this Secondary School will mean the students can continue their high quality education to aid them in the working world in the future. All children at Made With Hope orphanage will go to this Secondary School thanks to your support. More news about this is coming soon… If you are interested in supporting this project in the meantime then please contact us at contact@madewithhope.org


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The plan for the orphanage

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