Ribbon necklace making! Why is creative education important?

We had a wonderful time making jewellery today with ribbon and colourful straws! The children were so happy to do arts and crafts and try something new. As soon as we had everything spread out on the tables everybody rushed in and tried to grab a chair! Through creative jewellery making the children have learned new life skills such as;

– How to keep concentration when threading the beads (straws) and tying the knots

– How to be patient when trying things for the first time

– How to work as a team and share the necklace making materials

– How to teach others if they are struggling or feeling left behind

– How to focus and how to listen!



These skills will help the children in their future and whilst growing up. Creative education is important and we are happy that we are able to spend time with our children having fun and making art! Creative education allows children to be self-expressive and can help us to learn more about how they may be feeling or what they may be thinking about when they might find it hard to talk in person. It can help them to focus, problem solve and work with other children. When being in a creative environment with other children it helps them with their social skills and being more confident. Making creative objects such as our ribbon jewellery necklaces it shows us how unique and different each child really is! Some of the children found it easy to be intricate with their fingers to create knots whereas others enjoyed making patterns, had preference in colours or liked measuring long pieces of ribbon!


Zuma joined in on the necklace making and made all the children laugh when he stood up and danced around! Once everybody had finished they started doing a traditional Masai dance with their necklaces shaking about, they were so proud with what they had made – we were all smiling!

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