Being Well projects provide preventative healthcare solutions such as toilet blocks and hand washing facilities


Did you know that more people have a mobile phone than a toilet? Sanitation is a huge problem in the poor rural villages that we work in. Lack of basic sanitation can cause diseases such as diarrhoea and dysentry which can be fatal, especially in children who aren’t strong enough to fight them.

To date, we have built 3 washroom blocks in Tanzania, Africa which have transformed the children’s lives, giving them a private and safe space to use.

washrooms block


The washroom are kitted with tiles to keep the washrooms even more hygienic and easy to clean. The sink is fitted to promote hand washing.

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Hand Washing

Handwashing has been reported to be the most effective way of preventing disease. We have provided over 500 children with access to handwashing facilities with clean water and soap. For each handwashing facility built, we deliver a workshop to the children, using fun activities and singing to help them understand the importance of hand washing and how it can help them to stay healthy and have better attendance at school.


Impact of Being Well

Over 500 children have access to toilets

Girls are now less afraid to attend school during menstruation as they have a private toilet to use

Built 10 hand washing stations and supplied soap for the children to use