Secondary school update – Phase 1 complete!

It’s been just under 18 months since we started raising funds to build our Made With Hope secondary school and we have successfully completed Phase 1! That’s a total of £25,000 (wow!) that has been raised through generous donors, wonderful fundraising events, and donations through our Build A Brick campaign. Our students are trapped in a cycle of poverty which is impossible to get out of without good quality education. Not only will attending secondary school mean that these children will be able to build a better future for themselves, it will also help protect girls from early pregnancies and forced marriages. We believe every child has the right to learn.

Here in Tanzania the children are eager to learn, can’t wait to attend class, and love to soak up knowledge about the world around them! Being able to go to secondary school means that they have a good chance of getting a well-paid job that will help not only help them but also allow them to look after their family so they can escape from poverty too. Without taking action to build our own school it would mean many of the children would have to walk 2 hours (8km) to their nearest secondary school. The quality of education there is also very poor with many teachers not attending their classes and some classrooms being filled with as many as 120 students at a time. This is why we’re taking action. Schools change lives and that’s why we are trying our hardest to do something about it.


We’re over the moon that Phase 1 of our school build has been completed which includes some school offices, a lab for teaching sciences, and one classroom. Unbelievable progress made by our local tradesmen and our fabulous supporters! Now we have Phase 2 already up and running but we still need help! We need to raise another £30,000 to build only 6 more classrooms (each classroom costs just 5,000 to make and fill with equipment!) and open the doors to our secondary school. Our aim is to open by January 2018 enrolling our first 160 students. That’s 160 young children given the opportunity to get out of poverty.

“Giving the children an education is like giving them a gift labelled ‘A Brighter Future'” – Eleanor

Please join us on our mission to see the completion of our sustainable secondary school! We’re looking for active fundraisers, cake makers, workplace heros and social media sharers who are willing to help raise some money! Visit: or contact us via our website. A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has made Phase 1 complete!



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