The building of our orphanage has begun!

Since November 2013 you have been supporting us in our mission to build an orphanage in Tanzania. After numerous bake sales, craft stalls, afternoon teas, our Buy A Brick Campaign, generous donations and amazing supporters running 10k and cycling 52 miles we can finally start the building of our orphanage to transform the lives of 24 orphans that need a place to sleep, eat, gain access to health care and learn at school! All of these simple things, which every child deserves, can help build the foundations to help them get out of the poverty line a make a life for themselves in the future!

All of this is down to you! You have helped us make this happen and we want to keep you updated with exactly where you generosity has gone. Check out these exciting pictures which show how your kindness is turning into an orphanage!


 The building began in rainy season which made it challenging for the small trucks to transport the heavy bricks to the site.



The builders have been working so hard to build the foundations for the orphanage. They are making the foundations deep to support the building.


The orphanage is being built properly, with substantial materials; breeze blocks and iron bars to ensure it stays standing for a very very long time!



The local children are so excited to see the orphanage starting to be built!



It is so amazing to start seeing the project really starting to look like a new home for our orphans!

Thank you again to everyone has supported us. Please keep a look out on our Facebook for more regular updates by clicking here. The orphanage is due to be finished by September/October 2015, so we now have to continue to fundraise to keep the orphanage running once it is built. It costs just £400 a month to shelter 24 orphans plus feed, clothe and educate them alongside paying two members of staff to live in and look after the children. So we really need your continued support to enable us to keep the orphanage open forever and transform these amazing children’s lives!

The Made With Hope Team 🙂

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