The children were so happy with the wellies you donated!

We campaigned for unwanted wellies to donate to the children at our orphanage. We had an unbelievable response and the children absolutely loved them. We wanted to say a big thank you!

Upendo is always smiling but she was extra happy now she has her first ever pair of wellies

We transported the donated wellies from Manchester to Tanzania to the orphanage via our suitcases. We ended up collecting around 70 pairs of wellies which was incredible! We managed to take the majority of them, however I still have a few in storage at my house and will take them next year when I go again.

The reason we collected these wellies is because the rainy season massively effects the ground in the rural area of Tanzania that the orphanage is located in. There is no tarmac roads and the children in the area end up walking in barefoot so as to not ruin their shoes (their shoes are precious to them). The muddy dirty water that rests on the ground can sometimes have bacteria in and if the children water in it they are at risk of contracting water-borne illnesses 🙁

We took the wellies to the orphanage and organised them into sizes. We then called over the children in the orphanage and they excitedly lined up waiting to get their first ever pair of wellies. We measured their feet by drawing around them (which they later coloured in as a picture) and then found the perfect size for them. They were beyond happy when they put them on! They loved all the different colours and patterns and enjoyed posing in some pictures. They cannot wait for the rains to come so they can wear them lots!

Measuring their feet by drawing round them

I have compiled all of the pictures together for you to see. The children in the orphanage are aged 5-10 so some of the larger wellies were too big for them. We have kept these spare wellies in the orphanage store room for them to grow into. Not one pair of wellies will go to waste!

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The children at the orphanage in their wellies

The boys at the orphanage posing in their first ever pair of wellies


Aneth in her first ever wellies, she loved the purple colour

Angel used to walk barefoot for 3km in rainy season because it was so muddy. She now has first pair of wellies to walk around the orphanage grounds

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