Water project completed!


We are extremely lucky to have supporters like you! Supporters generosity has enabled Made With Hope to raise £5,500 to buy a tractor for our orphanage.


Thank you!



Why is the tractor so important?

The answer is transportation. The tractor is able to transport 4000 litres of water to the orphanage and to the students at CHETI school. This means over 400 children will now have easy access to water without having to walk for miles. Our children and staff at the orphanage used to walk 3km a day just to get water. Now, with this extra time during the day, our children can study, socialise and play with their friends (just as children should!).

Will the tractor be used for anything else?

Yes! Our next big mission at Made With Hope is to buy land. By purchasing land we will be able to continue on our journey to create a sustainable food program for the orphanage. This mission has already started with a kind donation from The Thackers Family. We have been able to buy a hen for each child at the orphanage that supplies them with yummy eggs to eat (these contain the much needed protein to help them grow). 

We want our children to have a healthy start to their future but unfortunately malnutrition is a massive problem in rural villages. We currently purchase rice, beans, meat and vegetables from local markets. However, when we have land, with the help of our new tractor we will be able to grow food ourselves at the orphanage and even sell some to raise money for the children!

Our tractor has been a well loved, needed, and much-ly appreciated addition to our orphanage family!

We can’t thank you enough. 


If you’d like to give our tractor an extra use by helping us buy some land! 

You can donate here at: www.madewithhope.org/make-a-donation/

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