Water Is Life projects aim to provide access to clean drinking water to children living in rural Arusha, Tanzania

Why Water Is Life projects exist…

If there is no water, food cannot be cooked, children and staff will be dehydrated and sanitation levels will be low as there will be no water to wash hands. The availability of water in Nadasoito is not reliable as it is so rural and not supported by the government. The water source was a small tap for the surrounding villages that only provides water two to three times a week and is often heavily embedded in mud. When there actually is water, the tap is crowded with people and children waiting hours to collect water in buckets to carry miles back to their home.


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 Our Solution

The answer to this problem was transportation. We have purchased a tractor that is able to transport 4000 litres of water to over 500 children who need it. This means these children will now have easy access to water without having to walk for miles. Now, with this extra time during the day, they children can study, socialise and play with their friends (just as children should!).

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We Filter The
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The water is used for cooking, cleaning, bathing and washing clothes.

Unfortunately this water in Tanzania is often undrinkable. To enable the water to be drunk, it is passed through our award-winning water filter that eradicates 99.99% of bad minerals and diseases. This water filter takes 2 hours to filter 10 litres of water. We currently have two water filters for the children to use at our Homes For Hope project. 




Impact of this Water Is Life project

400,000 litres of water is collected each year and transported 10km to Nadasoito

537 children and 10 members of staff now have enough water to drink, and use for handwashing, cooking and cleaning.

40,000 hours saved from collecting water and spent on time studying and playing.