World Day of Social Justice


What is World Day of Social Justice?

World Day of Social Justice is a day that promotes the efforts being made to challenge huge issues such as poverty and unemployment. And hopefully a better and more equal society will contribute towards the ultimate goal of world peace.

‘In too many places, the opposite of poverty is justice’ (Bryan Stevenson)

The Children that are looked after at our orphanage deserve to be happy and they are happy. They are happy with so little that plenty of us take for granted daily. They are happy because they are safe, loved by those who they are surrounded by, guaranteed three meals a day and a good education (just to name a few). However, these are just a handful of children who have been given this chance for a better life by everybody who has supported Made With Hope. The promotion of social justice aims to eradicate poverty in the hope that everybody can be as happy as our children.

Education leads to employment which equals a better way of living and every single one of you have granted a good education to our children at the orphanage. Thank you (times a million!). With a proper education they have a much better chance at a brighter future.

Be somebody who helps to challenge issues such as poverty and unemployment by supporting our children at the orphanage and visit:

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