World Fair Trade Day



World Fair Trade Day is another day that focuses on eradicating poverty by working towards equality. A lot of companies, especially huge corporations, try to get more for less out of resources, land and people/workers which can be extremely unfair. However, fair trade is about creating good trading relationships which makes sure there is no discrimination and that everybody gets treated equally and paid properly. Fair trade is also about making sure there are safe working conditions and reasonable working hours.


Essentially, this is a day to make positive change. Here, at Made With Hope, this is exactly what we work towards. We want our children at the orphanage to have an equal chance at a bright future by giving them the best education we can.




As part of our Build a School Africa project (our latest mission to raise £20,000 to build a much needed secondary school for over 400 children) we support local Tanzanian carpenters by using their craftsmanship to kit out our classrooms with beautiful hand-made desks. We want to ensure tht our trade delivers sustainable livelihoods.

You can help celebrate World Fair Trade Day by purchasing a desk for our sustainable school (You will even have your name carved on to the desk and painted on to the schools ‘Wall of Generosity’!)




Our orphanage has already benefited from our local carpenters who have made our children safe and sturdy bunk beds!





If you would like to support fair trade by purchasing one of our classroom essentials (such as stationary, text books and much more) then please visit Made With Hope’s online store at

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