Your kindness is remembered forever!

The Buy A Brick Campaign was a huge success! And here’s the proof! Donors purchased a brick for themselves or for a gift for someone else and their name was painted on the orphanage so that their kindness is remembered forever.

Names on whole wall

I hope this shows you how much we appreciate your amazing support!. The children absolutely loved seeing all the names of people who have built their new home. They kept reading all the names out trying to pronounce the names of people who have supported their new life.

Kids look at wall

It took us around 10 minutes to paint each name so in total took over 24 hours to paint everybody’s name on. But it was so worthwhile and looks incredible to see everybody who bought a brick!

Raj, Bex, Nikhil, Yubi and Mei-Li Thacker and James Hill all helped to buy a desk to put in each bedroom for the children to study on at night. These desks were hand crafted by a local Tanzanian carpenter who did a fantastic job at making them.

Desk names all together

Thank you again for making this campaign a huge success! This was all down to you!

Love from everybody at Made With Hope and the children in the orphanage! xx



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